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Though ostensibly a military operation carried out by ex-military employees, DuskLite's contract to protect surviving City assets is run by a management consultant, presumably on the assumption that only management personnel are ruthless enough to fire upon civilians.

"Cancel my two-o'clock. And shoot those vagrants." - DuskLite Site Manager

Festival Card No. 43

The DuskLite Site Manager, or DSM for short, is a non-playable character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. He ran the DuskLite operation in The City, and is the main antagonist of Big Dog's section of the story. He openly sees himself as better than the MotorStormers, whom he describes as "vagrants".

He takes the film journalist Cutter hostage during the cutscene for the event "Credit Crunch". After Ms. Austin invites him aboard the Carrier to "hear him out", Big Dog literally hurls him into the ocean. After using excessive force to control a faction known as "The Crazies", he is fired and ordered to withdraw his troops. Enraged, he flies off in a helicopter to remove Big Dog from the situation once and for all. However, in Big Dog's Epilogue, he is killed in the helicopter by Big Dog himself by over-boosting his chopper and jumping into the helicopter, causing it to crash, and explode in the collision, meeting their fates together.

He is voiced by D. C. Douglas.


  • The Site Manager is shown to have a particularly nasty demeanour and a very short temper.

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