Downtown is a track in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It hosts many events, including evening races. The track itself consists of a few city blocks, segments of freeway ramps, collapsed buildings, and many routes being either created or blocked off by seismic events over the course of the races.


  • "Financial Ruin" - Day One, Midday - Destructive Events - Big Dog
  • "Maul Rats" - Day One, Night - Destructive Events - Mash
  • "Retail Therapy" - Day Two, Midday - Tyler
  • "Credit Crunch" - Day Two, Afternoon - Mash


  • The names of the individual races on this track usually have something to do with money or spending, such as "Maul Rats" (mall rats), "Credit Crunch", "Retail Therapy", and "Financial Ruin". The area is obviously the financial/retail district of The City.
  • By the time of "Credit Crunch," the downtown area is completely wrecked and turned over, with no resemblance of road remaining. This is possibly the area that the player witnesses being shaken-up during the Destructive Event in the track Interstate - "The End is Nigh". It can't be though as "Credit Crunch" takes place at around Midday on Day 2, whereas "The End is Nigh" takes place on the Evening of Day Two, just as the 'Big One' hits.

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