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No sooner was this swamp-based track completed than Mother Nature decided to do some heavy handed redesign. With fissures opened up along its length, long-stagnant pools drained and dried, and deadly molten lava rolling in for some hot pool party action, the MotorStorm organizers decided it was the best redesign EVER.

- Loading screen description

Dark Fire Swamp is a DLC Track in the Speed Expansion Pack for in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite its lava flow from the track, there is no Volcanic variation of this track.
  • On the outside route of the first corner, there is a wrecked Patriot Thunderchief in the 'Quickfoot' livery, a livery obtained via DLC in Monument Valley.
  • This track is mainly based off of two main routes which intertwine with each other, making an eliminator event even more lethal than usual.

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