Coyote Revenge
Coming back to the site of Coyote Rage, some gearheads reworked the track to better test their skills, adding new challenges and a half-broken wall of death to spice things up.

"We took a kick-ass track and made it mean." - Poet

- Festival Card #054

Coyote Revenge is a track in the original MotorStorm. It is only available in the Revenge Weekend DLC mini-Festival. Notable differences from the original Coyote Rage track include large, twisting artificial routes suspended above the canyon floor, and a new back-straight running along the side of a cliff.


  • This track features reversed sections of the on-disc track Coyote Rage.
  • There is a Festival Card in MotorStorm: Apocalypse for this track.
  • The head of the large metal coyote sculpture found on this track is a destructible object.
  • Gameplay

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