Not to be confused with Coyote Revenge.

Mmv coyote rage

Mud channels and sheer rock gorges. Coyote Rage is a breakneck sprint around a small butte that many in MotorStorm used as a warm up to break in their vehicles. The favourite of many new starters, the Rage was a crucible for everyone that passed through the festival.

"Again! Again! Let's go again!" - Vigilante

- Festival Card #046

Coyote Rage is one of the smallest tracks in MotorStorm. The loose-surfaced first corner must be taken carefully by the larger vehicles as they can lose grip and go off the track; however, the high-speed mud section will make up for that. There are also numerous raised areas for the lighter vehicles to exploit and a tight chicane before the final turn. It has a reversed variant as outlined below.


  • This track is reversed for the DLC Coyote Revenge course. (Gameplay)
  • When racing with the larger vehicles, this track can get easily jammed up, making it difficult for players to gain some ground on the opposition.
  • Standard track video


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