Community Challenges are special optional challenges hosted by Evolution Studios on their facebook page for MotorStorm RC. The challenges themselves are typically events taken from the festival and players are required to beat a specific time set by a developer. There are no rewards for beating the challenges, as they are completely optional. Players who have a facebook and decide to partake in these challenges should like the challenge, comment their time, and share the image to get others to try the challenge.

Challenge ListingEdit

First Community ChallengeEdit

  • Event: "Night Clubbed"
  • Time limit: 00:43.602
  • Developer: Rushy_Evolution
  • Vehicle Class: Racing Truck

Second Community ChallengeEdit

  • Event: "Beach Wrecker"
  • Time limit: 01:04.460
  • Developer: Phenom_Evolution
  • Vehicle Class: Monster Truck

Third Community ChallengeEdit

  • Event: "Multi-storey Mayhem"
  • Time Limit: 00:28.725
  • Developer: Phenom_Evolution
  • Vehicle Class: SuperMini

Fourth Community ChallengeEdit

  • Event: "White Wash"
  • Time limit: 00:13.897
  • Developer: Rushy_Evolution
  • Vehicle Class: Buggy

Fifth Community ChallengeEdit

  • Event: "On Deck"
  • Time limit: 00:20.786
  • Developer: Rushy_Evolution
  • Vehicle Class: Monster Truck

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