The Castro Toro is a rally car unlockable in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Like other Castro vehicles, it is based on an older chassis, in this case a specifically modified hot rod coupe, also known as a "lead sled".

The vehicle reappears in MotorStorm RC as a Muscle Car.


The Toro resembles a modified 1949 Mercury Eight, which in itself was a popular vehicle to modify into a "lead sled".


  • "Toro" is spanish for "bull".
  • In a cutscene in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, what appears to be a shorter, convertible Castro Toro can be seen on the deck of The Carrier.
    • At the starting line on the track Paradise Beach, there are several advertising billboards including one which advertises the Toro. In fact, one of the models advertised is the "Summer V8," which is identical to the convertible seen in the aforementioned Motion Comic.
  • Although it is classed as and sounds like a Rally Car, the Toro is visibly powered by a V8 engine.
  • The Toro is the only vehicle in Pacific Rift to have a fan attached directly to the engine.
  • Blondie (brown/olive "hands" livery), Damo Monnier (orange/white "Flame" livery) and Drew Baird (dark blue/yellow "Flame" livery) are AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.
    • Furthermore, the graphics from Blondie's livery appear on a billboard on the starting line of the track Paradise Beach, which advertises a 1950's era horror movie.
  • Judging by the advertisement in Pacific Rift's Paradise Beach track, small print at the bottom reads "Toro Emperor V-8". This could possibly mean this Toro is specifically the "Emperor" model, or powered by an "Emperor V-8" engine.
  • One of the liveries (the two tone purple/yellow one) sports the license plate "CQB 241." This is the same number as the plate on the titular car in the movie Christine.

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