Castro f80 5
The Castro F80 is a Racing Truck in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Like other Castro vehicles, it is based on a classic vehicle. It is of an arguably more urban-oriented design, being lower to the ground. However, if one looks closely in the truck bed, they will see that the rear of the vehicle uses a tube-frame setup, with a suspension configuration similar to that of most trophy trucks.


  • The F80 appears in MotorStorm RC, in minituarised RC form.
  • Dice uses this truck at times during The Festival and Wreckreation, as well as Muerte, Flameboy and Six. However, no playable character uses one during the Festival.
  • In vehicle customization, the "Truck Bed" category can be customized to feature a crane and tow hook
  • On the same note, the second "Truck Bed" option has rusty tanks that glow red when reaching critical boost - a mostly aesthetic function.
  • The entire vehicle can be covered in rusty body panels. This option is available when the F80 is first unlocked.
  • When the 'Scratches' option at the personalization menu is selected, most of the scratches are heavily corroded.  This feature is unique to the F80.
  • The name of this Castro model is somewhat reminiscent of Ford Motor Company's naming scheme of its line of trucks, which starts with an F and follows with a number.
  • The final "Front Window" option unlocked for the F80 has a metal bar that divides the windshield vertically. A nearly identical feature was present on the Dodge Power-Wagon series of trucks of the 1940s and 1950s, as well as other vehicles.
  • Along with the full-body rust option, the F80 has many other features to give it the appearance of a dilapidated truck. A bodywork option mades both doors rusty and without paint. A Mad Max-esque front bumper battering ram is also available.
  • Out of all of the Castro vehicles in previous MotorStorm games, the F80 is the only vehicle without a Spanish name to it.