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Castro is a Cuban vehicle manufacturer in the MotorStorm series. Their vehicles have appeared in every game so far. All Castro vehicles are classic cars or trucks from the 1950s to 1960s (or, according to the PlayStation Store, the '70s, in the case of the Capitano). They range from Racing Trucks to Rally Cars, and even Monster Trucks and Big Rigs.


Monument Valley & Pacific Rift

Pacific Rift




  • The Castro name most likely comes from Cuba, because one of its rulers was Fidel Castro. Due to embargos on the country, virtually no new cars have made it to the island in decades, resulting in most of the vehicles on the road being 30 or more years old - hence why Castro makes older-looking vehicles.
  • All Castro vehicles, with the exception of both RC vehicles and the F80, have Spanish names to it.

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