Concept art of Casket Dan.

Casket Dan has done time, but that's not unusual for a MotorStormer. He made good use of it while inside, becoming a master carpenter. He prepared for his first MotorStorm by making his own coffin.

"Pass me a nail, huh?" - Casket Dan

Festival Card #037

Casket Dan is a playable character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, and one of the four ones unlocked by default. Judging by his Festival Card, he seems to have had a very troublesome past.


Casket Dan sports a very short, shaved hairstyle with a flat mohawk down the middle. He wears a dirtied white buttoned-up flannel, but with rolled sleves to his elbows, and dark brown gauze fabric wrapped around his hands. His outfit is rounded out with dirtied bistre pants and steel-toed work boots. He has numerous scrapes and cuts covering his body, some covered by bandages.

Vehicles usedEdit


  • Ironically, on Casket Dan's Festival Card, he sports quite a few scars and bruises throughout his body - possibly attributed to his "done time" and/or his races during the Festival that he attended.
  • He has a black eye on his left eye.

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