"Most guys don't look me in the eyes..."

Candi is a character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. She is described by certain Festival Cards and Motion Comics as the "MotorStorm Groupie". She can been seen hanging around various events, sometimes with Tyler. Ms. Austin tries to keep her away from Mash.

She is voiced by Moira Quirk.




"Get off of me, you one-eyed skank!"

  • Candi has a glass eye, which in a cutscene is humorously kicked out by Yoshimi, and lands on a pool table.
  • In one cutscene during Mash's story, Candi seems to have tried to flirt with him (after his unexpected question), which prompted Ms. Austin to keep her away from Mash.
  • In certain cutscenes in which Cutter is speaking, a rat can sometimes be seen in the background, sometimes holding Candi's glass eye.
  • According to her Festival Card, Candi used to be a socialite hailing from the newest members of the uppermost economic class of Los Angeles (seemingly explaining her behaviour during the Festival), and the said card explains the rather traumatic origin of her glass eye - a car accident.


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