Bueno was the class clown, making the bigger kids laugh to avoid taking a beating. He's never stopped employing that life strategy, and now rides with Roadkill, enjoying each race as it comes.
"Hey guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Check this out!... Guys!" - Bueno
- Festival Card #030

Bueno is a playable character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. He must be unlocked by leveling up in online play. According to his Festival Card, he is a member of the Roadkill faction, a semi-serious racing group; members include himself, Flameboy, Kookaburra, and Big Blue.

Bueno is a veteran MotorStormer. This is shown because there is proof that he was at the Monument Valley festival on The Grizzly's Festival Card in the form of a quote: "The Grizzly? You just gotta bear it." He also appears in the Veteran segment of the Festival of Apocalypse, further strengthening the case for him.


Bueno sports a full-face motocross helmet and goggles, much like Big Blue and Lucky. He has no brand names printed on his clothes and he just wears a plain brown t-shirt, black trousers and lacrosse body armor on his chest and shoulders. He also wears black gloves and dark shin and elbow guards.


Bueno's personal livery consists of a fully white vehicle with a grey and red 'arrow' style vinyl.


  • "Bueno" is Spanish for "good".
  • In the driver selecting menu, Bueno's body armour reaches his elbow, whereas the in-game model's body armor only covers his shoulders.
  • His festival card model is has an extremely different color scheme than the in-game model, sporting a light-gray t-shirt and white and neon green body armor, and has a different helmet design.

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