An Atlas M-SUV on Brimstone

Spurred on by a love of all things stupid and deadly, the hardcore lunatics united and set up this battlefield of a racetrack. Located inside an unstable volcanic wasteland, Brimstone offers smoking craters, sulphurous lakes, and deadly underground lava tubes. Hell above and Hell below makes this a hell of a good place to stage a race.

- Loading screen description

Brimstone is a track in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. As it is set inside a desolate and volcanic wasteland, Brimstone is a mixture of water, dust and fire. This track is perfect for larger vehicles but also holds many routes for smaller vehicles like Bikes and ATVs.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite having sulfurous pools throughout the track, they behave like any normal cooling substance would do and do not have any negative side effects. Instead, the game treats this "sulfuric acid" as nothing more than water.
  • This track is only available if the Adrenaline Expansion Pack DLC is downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Despite this, there are playable races on this in the Speed Expansion Pack without the need to purchase the Adrenaline pack.
  • The second half of the track is mainly built for larger vehicle classes, giving the smaller vehicle route a much longer path filled with fire rather than water.
  • If you choose the top route on the second half of the track during one of the longer races, you'll have a significant chance of ramming into opponents who have fallen too far behind
  • It is possibly to say that track was inspired by the trenches found in World War I, evidence of this theory is the logo or poster of Brimstone is a picture of a gas mask, commonly used in The Great War

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