BoardWalk is one of the available tracks in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It has three varients and is made up of a boardwalk, beaches, as well as paths between the various carnival structures on the boardwalk itself. Changing tides as well as a sea-tornado occur at scripted moments during some races.


  • Pier Pressure - Day One, Afternoon - Tyler
  • Waves of Mutilation - Day Two, Dawn - Tyler - destructive events: severe storm with hurricane; boats are thrown along the shore by hurricane at scripted moments; dock collapses; lightning destroys Ferris Wheel; earthquake blocks off archway path; lightning destroys buildings; buildings collapse; a large ship crashes into the boardwalk.
  • Sea Spray - Day Two - Morning - Big Dog


  • "Waves of Mutilation" is the only race in Apocalypse to feature a hurricane in a severe thunderstorm. Despite this, the hurricane never actually moves from its location throughout the entire race and doesn't make any attempt to go on land at all.
  • Due to the rain on "Waves of Mutilation", racers' boost temperature will always be cooling (unless they enter a covered area). This also happens on other tracks with rain.
  • Despite being in the middle of the ocean and never moving from its location, the hurricane spout will throw a "Big Gas" Atlas Bobtail tanker at the racer on the third lap, exploding on impact with the ground. How the truck got inside the hurricane spout is completely unknown.
  • On this track there is a large arch before the Ferris wheel which has the word "Colossus" which may be an easter egg to the previous track in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Colossus Canyon.

    Colossus Canyon Easter Egg.