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Concept art of Big Dog.

"Life's a circuit, kid. If ya start, ya gotta finish..."

- Big Dog, Motion Comic - "Falling Down"

Robert "Big Dog" Duggan is the playable character for the Veteran segment of the Festival in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. His preferred vehicle class is the Chopper, specifically the Mohawk Freerider.

During the events of Apocalypse, Big Dog often finds himself in conflict with the private security contractor DuskLite and their Site Manager.

He is voiced by Steve Blum.


Desert StormEdit

Big Dog enlisted as a military engineer and served in the 1st Light Recon Battalion during Operation Desert Storm. He drove diverse machines, including the LAV-25 amphibious vehicle.

"There were some hairy moments, sure."

- Big Dog, Festival Card No. 45

Monument Valley Motorcycle ClubEdit

A different desert and a different kind of storm. After the war, Hangnail Johnson and his buddies began to drift through Utah and Arizona, kicking up trouble, living wild and free. Sick of being told what to do, they embraced the road and the potential it represented.

- Festival Card No. 126

Big Dog was a member of the Monument Valley Motorcycle Club. This later led to the creation of "MVMC: The Game".


"You've never seen anything like this! MONSTERSTORM!!! We've got Monster Trucks! But we've got more! 'Captain Crush'! 'Demolitia'! 'Big Fudge'! Watch Bobby 'Big Dog' Duggan jump a hundred trucks! Watch Jesse 'Hangnail' Johnson set himself on fire! Meet the car-eating dinosaur, 'Junkasaurus Wrecks'! You've never seen anything like this! MONSTERSTORM!!!"

- TV commercial, 1993

Later on, Big Dog performed stunt jumps with his Chopper as a part of the arena show MonsterStorm, which served as the precursor to MotorStorm itself, along with Hangnail Johnson.


Afterwards, Big Dog and Hangnail Johnson founded MotorStorm in Monument Valley, where Johnson lost his head (literally) on Raingod Mesa. Big Dog was heavily involved, designing some of the tracks himself, such as Tenderizer.

MotorStorm: Pacific RiftEdit

In-game cutscenes make no mention as to whether Big Dog was present during the events of Pacific Rift. However, it is implied that he was involved in the events, as on various Festival Cards he makes comments regarding the Island's tracks. Furthermore, there is a usable driver that strongly resembles Big Dog; he is even wearing dog tags. However, the in-game name of this character is Njord Wolfraven.

MotorStorm: ApocalypseEdit

Big Dog is the first 'Stormer to enter the City, angering DuskLite and getting chased by a helicopter, which attempts to shoot him down. He evades the helicopter, which is then shot down by Crazies. Salvaging a spotlight from its wreckage, he enlists the help of Sphinx, a local graffiti artist, to create a signal giving the 'all clear' for the Festival to begin.

Before the Carrier can leave as the 'Stormers escape "the Big One" earthquake, a DuskLite helicopter begins to attack. Big Dog lures the gunship away, following the same route both he and Mash travelled at the start of their Festival stories. He succeeds in distracting the helicopter long enough for the Carrier to escape. In the end, he sacrifices himself, along with his own Chopper, to destroy the helicopter, as well as to stop the site manager of DuskLite, once and for all.


Vehicles driven by Big Dog have grey and white camouflage livery, along with the Monument Valley Motorcycle Club seal applied.

This list is ordered by how they first appear in Big Dog's list of Festival races.

  1. Mohawk Freerider - "Beauty"
  2. Atlas Chowhound
  3. Monarch GT101
  4. Voodoo Sandcutter
  5. Wulff GRXii
  6. Mohawk Indiana
  7. Voodoo Mastadon
  8. Falfer Undertaker


  • It is hinted in at least one cutscene, and on the festival card for Eagle's Nest, that Big Dog used to be married to Ms. Austin.
  • Big Dog performs a wedding for Lucky and Vigilante during one night of the Festival, saying "Do you kids love each other? OK, you're married."
  • Big Dog does not use a Racing Truck, Superbike, ATV, Big Rig, or Rally Car during the Festival. He is also the only playable character in Festival to use a Chopper.
  • Big Dog's festival is the shortest out of the three playable characters, at 11 events.
  • It would appear that Big Dog hasn't changed at all in the space of almost 20 years, because in the cutscenes for MonsterStorm in 1992 and the MVMC Game in 1993, Big Dog does not look any younger than he does in the present day; however, this may just be an oversight of the developers.
  • In a number of cutscenes, Big Dog is seen travelling around the Carrier, but rather than walking he rides his Chopper, even when he performs Lucky and Vigilante's wedding.
  • There is another driver very similiar to Big Dog in Pacific Rift that can be unlocked by earning the "Necessary Roughness" trophy (General Zegg).