Beelzebuggy carabid
The Beelzebuggy Carabid is a Buggy that appears in MotorStorm and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It resembles a Volkswagen Beetle (or Bug) converted into a buggy, as is commonly done in real life. Its roof has been chopped off and replaced and reinforced with a metal plate and a tube frame, fitted with spare tires and other equipment.


  • It seems to use a rear suspension rather identical to that of a close competitor...
  • The "spotlights" are placed on where the indicator lights would be on a real Volkswagen Beetle/Bug.
  • In Pacific Rift, the body of the Carabid is also used on the Beelzebuggy Bombadier.
  • On several Pacific Rift tracks, wrecked Carabids can be found with the white and red livery.
  • Much like the Castro Robusto & Voodoo Rattler, This is one of the very few vehicles that doesn't carry any player liveries from MotorStorm over to Pacific Rift.
  • In Pacific Rift, Edward T. Foxbat (orange "Spare Parts" livery), Janine Brazon ("Dakar" livery) and "Weeman" Jones (dark blue "Sonix" livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.
    • It is interesting to note that these same 3 drivers also drive the 3 Castro Robusto's and Ibex Bushfire's in their respective liveries.

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