Aztec sabretooth

Tommy Knocker's livery.

The Aztec Sabretooth is an ATV in MotorStorm & MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.


  • Although it is a race-type ATV, it borrows a design element of working vehicles; a light pod mounted far-forward from the frame.
    • In fact, the light pod design on this vehicle is identical to that of a neighbouring ATV, the Mirage Caliano.
  • This ATV is named after the prehistoric big cat Smilodon, otherwise known as the "sabretooth cat".
  • In Pacific Rift, this vehicle is unlocked once you reach rank 5.
  • It's body panels somewhat bear a resemblance to a Superbike.
  • In Pacific Rift, Flameboy (blue/purple/black livery) and Tommy Knocker (brown/black livery) are AI Characters seen riding this vehicle.