"Industrial diggers may not be the obvious choice for high-speed radio controlled racing, but anything goes in MotorStorm RC. The Atlas Excavator is a nippy Buggy that can easily bury its rivals on any track."

- PlayStation store description

The Atlas Excavator is a downloadable remote-control Buggy in MotorStorm RC. It is modelled on a typical excavator.


The Excavator is available to download for €0.25/£0.21/$0.25 from the PlayStation Store.


  • The boom which extends off the front of this vehicle lacks collision detection and as a result may clip through other solid objects. The same can be said of the large, hotdog-based body of the Wulff Weenie.
  • The Excavator was released at the same time as the Atlas Earthquake, since both of them are based on civilian construction vehicles.