Atlas Chowhound

MSA Atlas Chowhound Carrier


The Atlas Chowhound is a Mud Plugger featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It somewhat resembles the Iveco LMV as well as some armoured vehicles used by DuskLite (and, very faintly, the Mirage Bastille) in their various cutscenes.


The Chowhound is unlocked by completing two Level 3 Part Challenges with the Mojave Berdino. Completing three Level 3 Part Challenges with the Chowhound unlocks the Patriot Hoodcruze-R.


  • Big Dog uses this vehicle on the track Downtown: "Financial Ruin". This is also Muerte's favoured 'Plugger.
  • Oddly enough, the Chowhound uses carbon-fibre parts for some of its Customization options despite appearing to be a military armoured vehicle (see gallery).


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