Motorstorm apocalypse conceptart Biggirs

Concept art of the Bobtail.

The Atlas Bobtail is a Big Rig featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It takes the form of a standard semi truck, although one not too heavily modified for off-roading, unlike those in previous titles.


The Bobtail is the default Big Rig in Apocalypse. Completing two Level 3 Part Challenges with it will unlock the Molotov Shelka.

Other versionsEdit

As well as the Bobtail available to the player, there are two other versions of the Bobtail in Apocalypse. Both are unavailable to the player.

  • The "Big Gas" version - painted blue, with the third Air Filter option, second exhaust pipes option behind the cab, and no sun visor or roof parts. All are seen with the "Big Fuel" fuel tankers attached. The front and rear bumpers are unique, and unavailable to players. The headlights are mounted on the bumper plate, rather than on the fenders like the version available to players (the location where they are mounted on the bumper plate is where the slats would be on the first Bumper customization option).
  • The Crazies' version - The same as the Big Fuel version, but its front and rear bumpers, grill, and exhaust pipes are covered in rust. This version also has graffiti all over its body (certainly the Crazies' handiwork).


  • The Bobtail is the only Big Rig in Apocalypse that has an actual trailer mount on the back of the truck.
  • The Crazies throughout the city apparently have access to Atlas Bobtails, as they use them to drive head-on at the player or pull tankers of fuel.
  • Mash uses this Big Rig on the location Upper Bohemia: "Baked".
  • The Bobtail is of the American-style "cab-behind-engine" configuration, but unlike most traditional "cab-behind-engine" Big Rigs, this one has aerodynamic side skirts.
    • This design may be where this Rig takes its name from, as the term "Bobtail" is American trucker slang for a cab-behind-engine truck without a trailer.
  • The Big Fuel and Crazies' versions of the Bobtail both have license plates that read "Big Gas".
  • There is a bug with the Bobtail where if enters Photo Mode, occasionally the camera can pass through the vehicle.
  • It is also reincarnated into MotorStorm RC as a remote-control Big Rig.
    • One of its liveries is shared with the Patriot Thunderchief.
    • Another livery is shared with the Lunar-Tec Grendel.
  • The massive rear wing available for this vehicle in Customization may be inspired by that on Mike Ryan's Freightliner Cascadia (built for the "Exhibition" class at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb).
  • Many customization options such as the front bumper, grill, and headlights are very similiar to the Peterbilt 379 model.
  • Text atop the Bobtail's engine reads "MS3 Turbo Diesel". "MS3" is possibly a reference to Apocalypse (otherwise known as MotorStorm 3).
  • The Bobtail, along with other vehicles, makes a brief cameo in WipEout 2048's intro sequence in the 2025 scene (however, it appears on a fast frame, so it's hard to see).
  • The Bobtail appears as a purchaseable PlayStation Network premium avatar.
  • This is also the preferred Big Rig of Stone and Dice.