Atlas Arizona

The Atlas Arizona.

The sluggish bus engine was replaced with the most powerful that would fit, a menacing ram added and the roof decorated with tank traps and barbed wire; this box is now one of the most brutal vehicles on the grid.

- PlayStation Store description

The Atlas Arizona is a Big Rig making its first appearance in the Arizona & Patriot 85 DLC pack and the Revenge Weekend DLC mini-Festival in MotorStorm. It returns in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift as an unlockable vehicle.


The Atlas Arizona appears to be a beat-up school bus. It has its own dangerous signature features, which includes, but not limited to, a spiked battering ram attached to the front bumper, three barb-wired beach obstacles popping out from its roof, and a "stop sign", which is rather humorously attached from the rear bumper.


  • In MotorStorm, the Arizona has a completely different engine sound to the other Rigs (very clattery and low-revving, sounding akin to that of a real bus). Also, the usual horn function would be a regular Big Rig horn but this bus has bells as a horn. These unique attributes do not reappear in Pacific Rift.
  • The Atlas Arizona is one of two buses to appear in the series, the second being the Monarch Decker.
  • This is one of the three vehicles in the game series named after US States; the two others being the Mohawk Indiana and the Mohawk Montana.
  • The Arizona has been described by the developers as a "bus that's been Mad Max-ified"
  • In Monument Valley, it is available to drive automatically right after you buy the Revenge Weekend mini-Festival (US) or the Arizona & 85 Vehicle Pack (EU) from the PlayStation Store.
  • The Arizona can be unlocked in Pacific Rift by downloading the Atlas Signature Livery Pack, though players will only have that livery available for the vehicle.
  • It is unlocked in Pacific Rift via earning Gold in all Eliminator events, getting the "Last Man Standing" trophy.
  • The Arizona is also included in the Mischief Vehicle Pack 1 for MotorStorm RC.
  • In Pacific Rift, Willy Pecker ("School Bus" livery) is an AI Character seen driving this vehicle.

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