Throughout the plot of MotorStorm: Apocalypse various types army trucks can be seen, being used by both the MotorStormers to carry equipment as well as DuskLite forces, most likely as personnel transports. They are unusable to the player, and their design configuration is not well suited for racing anyway. During his series of events, Big Dog encounters numerous army trucks, most of which serve as obstacles on the road.


  • These trucks resemble the M35 series trucks that have been used by the US army for decades, many of which are now on the surplus market, which explains how both MotorStorm and DuskLite could obtain them.
  • There is a third version of the Army Truck besides the MotorStorm and Dusklite versions: It is a charcoal black and has the logos of private companies on it. They can only be found derilect on certain tracks in the Docklands.


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