Ae anguta glacier

"The breathlaking Aurora Borealis is a sight to behold. Throughout the festival many racers just pulled up to watch the northern lights dance through the night. Such distractions are commonplace in the epic landscape of Alaska and sometimes preferable to racing across a frozen glacier as temperatures drop."

Anguta Glacier is a Track in Arctic Edge.


  • It is named after the father of the sea goddess Sedna in Inuit mythology.
  • Hidden Emblem Location: On the reversed version of this track is a hidden Emblem. Near the end of this track is a large winding metal route. On the bottom of the curved section of this structure is another Little Big Planet Emblem.
  • Hidden Emblem Location 2: The forward version of this track also posesses an Emblem. At the very beginning is a large jump on your left. If you turn around after taking this jump, you'll see an emblem just at the base of the ramp.